The Changing Face of Irish Religion Revealed by CSO Statistics

The Central Statistics Office has released more figures from the 2011 census that has highlighted the changing makeup of religion in Ireland.
* The number of agnostics or atheists has increased dramatically and now represents 5.9% of the population
* Catholics represent 84.2% of the population, the lowest percentage ever recorded
* Muslims account for 1.1%
* Non-Christian religions in Ireland account for 1.9%

Other highlight from the 2011 census include:
* There were 42,854 more females than males in the State in April 2011
* Immigration by Irish nationals was 19,593 in the year to April 2011
* Immigration by foreign nationals in the year to April 2011 was 33,674. The largest groups came from Poland, UK, France, Lithuania, Spain and the USA
* Total housing stock grew to almost 2 million homes, of these almost 290,000 were vacant on census night giving a vacancy rate of 14.5%
* Over half a million (514,068) Irish residents spoke a foreign language. Polish was by far the most common, followed by French, Lithuanian and German

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2 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Irish Religion Revealed by CSO Statistics

  1. I am not suprised that the number of people in Ireland calling themselves Catholic has dropped to its lowest level ever. I predict this figure will fall further as the Catholic Church is a false Christian church whose teachings contradict the Bible. If you want to know what the Bible really says on a whole lot of issues, visit this website: and then click on the 20 heading on the menu on the left hand side.

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