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How to Start the Search for your Irish Roots Guide - Free!

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Find Out How To Research Your Irish Heritage with our Free PDF ebook Guide.

Our new Irish Genealogy Guide is perfect if you are starting the search for your Irish Roots! Completely revised and containing a new section that shows you 'How to use the Internet to research your Irish Genealogy'.

This is the same Irish Roots Helper Guide that has been offered and sold at our website for US$15 and then US$9. Now it is free to all subscribers of our free newsletter about Ireland. To get your copy simply sign-up for our free Newsletter and you will be given access to the download page - Free!

This Guide will save you time and money by getting your research off the ground without you having to spend a fortune on Books, CDs or Software! It specifies exactly what is involved and describes how you should begin your search (and it does this in simple language).

The Guide has information about the different types of records that are available is given. There is also a comprehensive schedule of genealogical contacts should you consider researching further.

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