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Lakes of Pontchartrain

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Lakes of Pontchartrain O'er railroad ties and crossings I made my weary way, Through swamps and elevations My tired feet did stray Until I resolved at sunset Some higher ground to win. 'Twas there I met with a Creole girl By the lake of Ponchartrain. "Good evening, fair maiden, My money does me no good. If it wan't for the allegators I'd stay out in the wood." "You're welcome, welcome, stranger. At home it is quite plain For we never turn a stranger From the lake of Ponchartrain." She took me to her mother's home And she treated me quite well; Her long black hair in ringlets Upon her shoulders fell. I tried to paint her picture But, alas, it was in vain So handsome was that Creole girl By the lake of Ponchartrain. I asked her if she'd marry me She said that ne'er could be; She said she had a lover, And he was on the sea, She said she had a lover It was true she would remain, Until he returned for the Creole girl By the lake of Ponchartrain. Adieu, adieu, fair maiden, You ne'er shall see me more And when you are thinking of the old times And the cottage by the shore And when I meet a sociable With a glass of the foaming main I'll drink good health to the Creole girl By the lake of Ponchartrain.

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